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Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club

"Discover the magic and camaraderie of amateur radio!"


CARC ARRL Field Day 2019 is a Success!

Field Day 2019 lived up to expectations and then some.  It provided much-needed opportunities to set up and operate in less than perfect conditions…just as might be encountered in a disaster scenario.

Our field-operating radio skills were dusted off as was our teamwork, how-tos, and abilities to make on-the-spot repairs and improvisations to equipment.  Our new, more flexible operating plan for radio operators helped better match personal scheduling to the event.  At times there were as many as 45 operators, guests, and youth on-site…a wonderful turnout!

Mother Nature tested our mettle with heat, sun, severe thunderstorms, lightning, strong winds, and horizontal rain…so much so that shelter was taken in the on-site restrooms during the wee hours of Sunday morning.  Band conditions continued to challenge us to persevere and make those contacts.  Patience was a virtue well-tested as was knob-spinning to squeak out that last bit of signal and intelligible traffic.

As the event drew near, the invitations to youth went out and our future generation of hams responded.  It was great to see the blending of generations to learn and promote our love of radio.  Equally important was the response from our “more senior” staff to sharing a radio with a young person.  Lots of folks found out that they can be an “Elmer” too.  Sharing radio time and helping others to learn was one of the greatest pleasures of the day.

An extra special “reward” was being able to provide an environment for radio time to hams that no longer have an easy way to practice their favorite hobby…those in retirement center environments where outside antennas are not permitted.  Seeing the child-like glee of our more senior hams is another full measure of “reward” for all the planning and efforts of the event.

The “cherry” on the icing was a singularly-focused group of people that set aside their personal schedules to prepare, set up, operate, feed others, fellowship, welcome youth (and those not-so-young), and put it all away again without strife or flared tempers…in 90+ degree weather.  This alone speaks highly of our membership and the camaraderie of Amateur Radio as a whole.

A very special thanks to CARC Field Day Manager, Barclay (Mac) Thomas, WT4BT, for his guidance and leadership in this event.  Mac, you did a great job!

Well done Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club!

Photos of our event may be seen here.

Gary Ownsby, AK4ZX
President 2019

A Future Ham Radio Operator
Katie B. operates an HF radio under the supervision of a licensed ham radio operator.
Stephen Hamill KN4NSZ
13-Year Old, Stephen Hamill listens intently for radio traffic during ARRL Field Day.
Ham Radio Always Draws A Crowd
Kids have fun, parents & grandparents beam as they watch their children learn ham radio.

This video was made by Jonathan Hamill at today’s CARC ARRL Field Day 2019.  Great fun, food, and fun for all.

2019 ARRL Field Day is Tomorrow!

Setup Starts: 9 AM EDT (Saturday, June 22)
Official Start: 2 PM EDT (Saturday, June 22)
Official End: 2 PM EDT (Sunday, June 23)
Come on out and learn about ham radio. Come and help us set up the radio stations at 9 AM.  Flexible operating hours.  Guest operators welcome with valid Amateur Radio License.

Learn more about Field Day.  Click Here.

Watch an informative video by Clicking Here.

Contact me today at or by phone at 931-308-5759.

Thank you.


P.S.  Field Day is a great time to expose others to ham radio so bring your family, friends, children, and grandchildren for a visit to see ham radio in action.

2019 ARRL Field Day is June 22-23

Field Day is always held on the 4th full weekend in June.

2019 Field Day results will appear in December QST.

CARC Field Day 2019
Camp Jordan Arena Pavilion
323 Camp Jordan Parkway
East Ridge, TN

  • 24-Hour Radio Event.
  • Fun for All.
  • Scouts & Youth Welcome.
  • Lots of Open Space for Antennas of All Kinds.
  • Covered Pavilion with power, water, restrooms, picnic tables/benches.
  • 24-Hour On-Site Security.
  • RVs Welcome ($20 fee for overnight camping/full hookup.  Pay directly to Camp Jordan; sorry, no exceptions.  If self-contained, no charge.)
  • Easy Access via Exit 1 on Interstate 75 (TN-GA Stateline).
  • Fast Food & Sit-Down Restaurants Nearby.
  • Internet Access for Event Use.
  • Sign Up Now for a Time Slot You Like.

Contact Barclay (Mac) Thomas, WT4BT, ( to sign-up or if you have questions.

Amateur Radio & the New Tennessee Handsfree Law

Legislative Update.

Thanks to the good sense of our Tennessee Legislature, Amateur Radio use/operation is exempted from the new hands-free requirements which go into effect shortly.

Click here to read the actual wording of the new legislation.  We would suggest that you also have a copy of your FCC license just in case law enforcement requires more proof of your status as a valid, licensed Amateur Radio operator.  A wallet-sized version is available for even more convenience.

Greater Nashville & Middle Tennessee HamQuest 2019

July 27, 2019, 8 AM CDT.  Click here for more details.  Come on out and support our ham radio friends!

Scouting News Radio Merit Badge Training.

On Saturday, January 12, 2019, Scouts from Troops 172 & 20 took part today in earning the Radio Merit Badge and learning about Amateur Radio.  Extra thanks to CARC members Garland Eubanks, Robert Wilson, David Wilson, Bill Price, Chad McFarlin, and Robert Berman for their time and enthusiasm.  See photos below.

New Meeting Location.

As of November 1, 2018, our new meeting location is:

Parkridge Diagnostic Center 
First Floor Conference Room
2205 Oak Street
Chattanooga, TN 37404

This is next door to Parkridge Hospital.  Park in the lot in front of the Diagnostic Center then walk into the main entrance.  Turn right at the Security Desk and enter the room.  Remember this is at the Diagnostic Center not the hospital.

Parkridge Diagnostic Center
Parkridge Diagnostic Center

Quick Notes:

  • CARC Zello Channel.  Install the Zello App on your smartphone and get instant information via voice, text, images, etc.  Zello is a free app.  Learn more about it here.
  • Membership.
    The new membership & renewal form is available here.  We encourage you to join our club or renew your membership now.  We strongly encourage membership in the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).  They are the “voice of amateur radio.”

Details on most events may be found on the club web calendar.

The President's Corner.

Each new day and every new year provides opportunities for each of us to learn more about our Amateur Radio hobby and to encourage others and ourselves in fun, learning, and community service.

Ham Radio is a lifelong adventure because with each new generation of hams, we re-invent the hobby using the latest technology and do things that would be science fiction to hams in the infancy of our hobby.  Digital radio, software-defined radios and such bring a new layer of enjoyment and learning. Yet our older communication modes have not been left behind and are still there for us to enjoy and use.

In more recent years, “radio sport” has been added to our vocabulary.  This is contesting at a higher level and several of our members enjoy this new level of activity in addition to the less frenzied contesting that has always been available to us.

In the ham radio world, there is a phrase that bears occasional repeating “another arrow in the quiver”.  Simply put, every new communications protocol, new mode, or “new-fangled” gear gives the Amateur Radio world more capabilities so I encourage you to not be so quick to discount or avoid new modes that come along but to pick your niche and get on the air.

This coming year, we plan to rekindle hands-on workshops, fun & learning outings, quick & simple “events” and more opportunities to get on the air and increase your comfort level with radio operation and use.  We also want to encourage you to take a more active role in our club and consider getting on-board the club management team.

Our club continues to support Scouting in various ways as we seek to introduce and help scouts of today learn more about Amateur Radio and achieve merit badges within the scouting world.

The YL Group associated with our club is continuing to grow and expand its presence and service within our area and elsewhere.  For the first time ever, this past year, our club encouraged and sponsored YL forums at Hamfest Chattanooga. Ham Radio has a place for all and especially you.

This year we also hope to encourage youth and more “young adults” to join our hobby by rejuvenating our Elmer Program.  Camaraderie and Amateur Radio go hand-in-hand and having more folks involved in helping each other is where we want to be.

Our relationship with the ARRL continues to be strong and we are honored to be host to the 2019 ARRL Delta Division Convention at our Hamfest Chattanooga in the fall.

So whatever your interest in Amateur Radio, come join us this year.  Amateur Radio can be fun-filled, full of personal achievement, and community service.  All we need is you!

Gary Ownsby, AK4ZX
President 2019

Gary Ownsby, CARC President 2019